Welcome to the Library Catalog

This is the Library Catalog, powered by WorldCat Discovery. From here you can search for materials in Kroemer Library as well as libraries around the world.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of

  • Conducting a basic search
  • Viewing Item Details
  • Determining whether an item is available in the Library
  • "Sideways searching"
  • Call Number Clustering

You may use the arrows below to navigate this tutorial.

Basic Search

1 of 3To begin, try searching for Scaer Baptism to see what comes up.

As you can see, there are many results for this search. The results are sorted by Library and Relevance. This means that books held by Kroemer Library will show up first on the list.

Basic Search

2 of 3Notice that you may also filter your results using the check boxes of the left-hand side of the results page. You may filter by author, year, language, etc.

How many results have David P. Scaer listed as the Author?

Basic Search

3 of 3From the Result Page, you can see the item availability and the call number listed under each result.

Image showing example search result

The library collection is listed to the left of the call number. Many items are held in multiple collections in the library. Although reference items cannot be checked out, there may also be a circulating copy available. Check the Item Details to see availability for additional copies.

Try clicking one of the titles to see the Item Details.

Item Detail

1 of 5The Item Detail will list anything you need to know about the item. The information is organized into sections which can be viewed by clicking the section headings.

Try clicking Description to see publication information, ISBN, subject headings, and the table of contents.

You can hide this information by clicking Description again.

Item Detail

2 of 5The first section which is expanded when you open the Item Detail is Availability. This will list the various shelving locations in which items may be found, and whether they are available or checked out.

Image showing holdings summary with availability

Item Detail

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Remember: Not everything in the Library can be checked out.

Items in these locations can be checked out:

  • Library Circulating
  • Library Folio
  • Library New Books
  • Library Juvenile collections
  • Library Thesis
  • Library Media

Items in these locations cannot be checked out, but are available in the library:

  • Library Reference
  • Library Ready Reference
  • Library Periodicals
  • Library Microfiche or Microfilm
  • Library Professional Worker Study

Items in Library Rare Books may be used in the Library upon request.

Library Faculty Archives are not available, though there usually is at least one copy in the circulating or reference collection.

Item Detail

4 of 5If you are looking for something that is not available, either it is checked out or not owned by Kroemer Library for example, you can see which other libraries around the world have the same item. You can see this by scrolling down to the Libraries Worldwide section of the Item Detail.

These libraries are sorted by proximity. You may set your search location to your street address to find the library closest to your house.

Example image of Libraries Worldwide holdings

Sometimes you may find the book you want is just around the corner.

Item Detail

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If an item is unavailable, members of the Seminary Community (Students, Faculty, and Staff), may request the item through Interlibrary Loan using the Request Item button at the bottom of the Availability section.

Note: If you are off campus, you will be asked to sign in before you are able to submit a request. You can sign in using your Library Barcode and password.

Sideways Searching

1 of 2You may also find more results related to your topic by using a technique we call Sideways Searching.

Under the Description section of the Item Detail the subject heading(s) attached to the item are listed.

Clicking on any of these subjects will conduct a new search based on that subject.

This can help you find items based on your subject of research which you may not have found using a keyword search. You may find books on your subject which you would never have guessed based on the title alone.

Sideways Searching

2 of 2

Glancing up at the search box, you will see the subject you clicked with the added prefix, su:

Search box containing su: prefix

If you would like to search for this or another subject you have found, you may search again using this prefix.

Other common searching prefixes you may try are:

au: for Author (au:Scaer, David)

ti: for Title (ti:Discourses in Matthew)

Call Number Clustering

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Another useful search technique is Call Number Clustering which can be used to help you find the right shelving location to browse for your research.

Try searching for the subject Infant baptism.

Call Number Clustering

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As you review the results, note the call numbers without clicking through to any of the item details.

How do most of the call numbers for books on Infant Baptism begin?

Call Number Clustering

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Kroemer Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System which is organized according to subject. Since the library is arranged according to subject, most of the books on Infant Baptism will be found together.

As you are searching you may also notice patterns, such as when half the books on a subject will have call numbers that begin with one thing, and the other half of the call numbers begin with another. You may find that all the call numbers cluster around two or three areas in library.

Call Number Clustering

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When your search results reveal call numbers that cluster into one, two, or three areas of the library, instead of writing down all the call numbers, you can use these clusters to go to those sections of the library.

When you get to the shelf, you can then browse the shelf and find many books on your subject. Using Call Number Clustering helps you find out where to go so that you can find the books on the shelf without finding all the books in the computer.


This concludes the guide for using the library catalog. If you have any questions regarding access to any materials at the CTSFW Library, please feel free to contact the library.

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