Starting with EBSCO

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Tutorial navigation bar at the bottom of the window



On the right side of the library home page,
click Databases A to Z button 
from the top of the right hand column.

Click "E" from the "Alphabet Bar" or scroll down to the in the list of databases to the "E's" and find "EBSCOhost Databases" (there are multiple choices for EBSCO, so be sure to pick "EBSCOhost Databases") and click.
EBSCOHOST in list 

Choose the database or databases that best fit your topic and click Continue Button at either the top or bottom of the database list.

Enter key terms in the search fields, rather than a whole sentence or phrase.

For example, instead of entering a phrase into the first search box... 
"What function do stories about monsters serve in society?"

You will want to pull out key terms to use such as
monsters, function, society

You should enter each term on a separate line in the search box and consider trying synonyms. Some synonyms for this example might be:

purpose instead of function

culture instead of society

These steps will get you started searching the EBSCO databases. For further assistance, please Ask A Librarian.


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