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From the the library home page, click the Databases A to Z button located in the right sidebar.

Click the "J" under Databases to navigate to that section, then click the JSTOR link. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your USF username and password.

Click the "Advanced Search" link located just under the search box.

Enter your search term in the top search box. The default search is "Full Text". Click the down arrow on the search button to see other options for your search. If you know the author or the title, you may select those options for your search. For now, just use the default "Full Text" search.

Enter the search term "zombies" in the top search box.

Narrow your search: 

To find articles, look for the "Narrow By" section located just below the "Search" button.

Place a check in the box beside "Articles" to limit your search results to only articles.


You can set a date range if desired using the formats shown at the bottom of the "From" and "To" date range boxes.

Choose your language:

The "Language" selector is located to the right of the Date Range boxes. The default setting is "All Languages". Click the down arrow and select "English" to limit your search results to only English language.

Narrow by Discipline or Publication:

Scroll down to see a list of discipline areas, for example, Anthropology, or Botany & Plant Science. Place a check in the box beside the topic to narrow your results further.


Click the blue "Search" button just above the "Narrow By" section.

Modify Search:

If you searched for "zombies" you probably have close to 600 search results. 

Click the "Modify Search" link located near the top of your results page, just under the blue Search button.

Add a search term:

You are now back on the Advanced Search page. Add another search term in the second search box. For this example, type "voodoo" in the second box. ("Zombies" is still in the first search box.) Click the blue search button.

This narrows your search results from 591 results, to 50 results.

TIP: Searching for Articles Outside of JSTOR

JSTOR displays citation information and an outside link to the full-text of some recently published articles on external sites. The full text of these articles is not always available.

If you do not want to include these links in your search, locate the two content options just above the blue search button. Make sure to uncheck the box beside "include links to external content".

Leave the box checked beside "Include only content I can access".


These steps will get you started searching OneSearch for books. For further assistance, please Ask A Librarian.


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