Welcome to this step-by-step guide for finding and using evidence-based practice (EBP) filters in the CINAHL database!  

Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through the steps in this guide. Use the webpage on your right to follow the links outlined in each step.

If you have any trouble using this guide, the EBP filters, or if you need some help locating research articles, feel free to call or email the Health Science Reference Librarian using the contact information below:


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Locating the EBP Filters

To access the evidence-based practices search filters for CINAHL, look for the Help section in the upper left corner of the library homepage:

Library homepage, Research Help link.

You want to click on the Research Help link highlighted in the image above.


Locating the EBP Filters

On the Research Help page, you should see the link to the evidence-based practice filters in the center of the screen. Go ahead and click this link:

EBP Filter Link

Choosing the Right Filter

You should now be on a page with the heading USF Evidence-Based Practice Filters for CINAHL. If your page says something else, click the arrows below to work your way through this guide again.

There are different filter options listed on this page. For most Nursing courses, you'll want to use either the Therapy or Meta-Analysis filter; scroll down to find these.

EBP Links

The Therapy filter works well when you are comparing different treatment options. The Meta-Analysis filter will bring up more systematic reviews and data comparisons. It might be a good idea to try using both filters, just to see if they return different results.

Disregard the odd-looking text below each link, this is the actual filter. Clicking either link (highlighted above) will take you to CINAHL and automatically insert the filter in the search box for you.  


Inside CINAHL, you'll see the Search box at the top of the screen. The text from the EBP filter you clicked should be entered in the first search box:


Add keywords related to your topic to the other search boxes and click the Search button to get your filtered results. Apply additional filters such as publication date using the tools on the left-hand side on the page.

Again, feel free to contact Cort in the library if you have any questions:


Cort Eyer

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