How to use this tutorial

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Before we get started, here's some basic information:

To move through the tutorial page-by-page using the arrows on the navigation bar at the bottom of each page (pictured below).

When you see Go.  You must do something.


How to use this tutorial

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If you are looking for a specific journal article, from the library's website, click on  the Research button.

Link to research resources page.

In the center section of the page is a box titled Helps.  Click on 

Find Full-Text Journals

 and search for your journal title.  If it is full text, you will see a link to the database that contains the full text.


Please enter your name and email address to retrieve a copy of your completed quiz.

You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. If you are doing this for a class, you may need to enter your instructor's email address also.