Welcome to our Browzine Web tutorial. Browzine is an application that lists our electronic journals in a web-friendly format. 

Users can find journals by searching by title or ISSN number, or browsing by subject.

Results with red icons are categories of subjects, while blue icons are journals. Articles can be accessed by clicking on journal titles and then articles titles listed within the issue listed.

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Our Entire Collection?

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Browzine Web easily retrieves electronic journals and articles for library users. However, it doesn't always show the full extent of our e-journal or print collection.

For example, perform a search for the journal Labour Economics.

Note that no results are retrieved for this item. Why is this? The reason is that Browzine only links to journals that have a DOI (Direct Object Identifier) number for information placed online.Not all journals have a DOI number.


Click on the Next arrow.

Our Entire Collection?

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Although there are no results there is a message at the top of the page with a link to check other sources held by the library. Click this link. 

In what database do we have this available?

Which Database?


Click Next arrow.

Accessing Articles

Once a journal is selected, the volume and years of publication are listed beneath the title on the left of the screen. Using the drop-down will display different years and volumes/issues of availability. 

Go back to the home page and search for American Journal of Philology. Click on the first article shown.


What database does this article come from?



Limits - Date Published

Next, search for the journal Animal (ISSN number 1751-7311). 

Note the orange message at the top of the screen. This is an embargo, meaning that we do not have the most current access to articles from this journal. Use the drop-down to find the year that does provide access to this journal.

What volume/issue provides the latest access that we do get through Browzine?

ILL via Browzine

Search for American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. Say you were interested in the article Technology and the Changing Family. It's the first listed article, but it's under a publisher embargo.

While we do not have access to this article, users can still click the link to it. When clicked, another page is opened with a link to our Interlibrary Loan form. Click this link.

Once clicked, the only info needed is...



That's it, thanks for taking the time to go through this Browzine Web guide.

Feel free to contact library staff at librarystaff @ marian.edu with any questions about this tutorial.


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