Welcome to WMS

Welcome to Worldhare Management Services (WMS). If you are viewing this tutorial, it means that you will be using this system to assist patrons by performing basic circulation functions.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of:

  • Locating a patron record
  • Checking out items to patrons
  • Renewing items checked out to patrons
  • Checking in items that have been returned
Before you finish, there is also a review of the Patron Right to Privacy and a brief quiz.

Before you begin this tutorial, you will need:

  • A CTSFW ID Card (You can use your own card if you like.)
  • A Library Book (Make sure you grab a book from the circulating collection that is not checked out. If you are working at the services desk in the Historic Walther Building, it is probably easiest to use a book from the New Books Shelf.)
  • Barcode Scanner It will be easiest to do this tutorial at a machine with a scanner attached.

Once you have everything you need, use the arrow below to continue this tutorial.

Note: Click the images in this guide to see them in full resolution.

Logging in to WMS

To begin, you must log in to WMS. You may log in using your username and password.

  • Your username is your last name, first initial, and middle initial, followed by ".cts" This goes in the "Library Barcode" field.
     Library Barcode Sign In Field
  • The password is one that you set yourself. If you have never logged in to WMS before, or if you forgot your password, click the "Set/reset password" link at the bottom of the Sign in box.
    SetReset Password Link
    Again, use your username in the Library Barcode box. Once you have set or reset your password, you may use this along with your username to sign in.

Locating a Patron Record

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When you first log in to WMS, you are presented with an "OCLC WorldShare" splash screen and several tabs at the top of the page. Yours may show several options, but the only tab you will need to worry about will be "Circulation."

Image demonstrating the location of the Circulation tab.

Click the Circulation tab to enter the WMS Circulation Module.

Locating a Patron Record

2 of 4Once you enter the Circulation Module, the cursor will automatically be active in the "Enter barcode" box under "Assist Patrons"

Image demonstrating location of Enter Barcode box.

Scan a CTSFW ID Card using the barcode located on the back of the ID Card. This will bring up the Patron Record for the owner of the card.

Patron Records will be discussed in more detail later in this tutorial. For now, click the "x" next to the patron name to close the patron record.

Image demonstrating location of X to close patron record.

Locating a Patron Record

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Below the "Enter Barcode" box under "Assist Patrons" is the patron Search Box. You can use this box to search for patrons in the database who do not have an ID card with them.

Image demonstrating location of patron search box

Notice that there is a check in the box labeled, "Search patrons of all libraries." If this box is checked, WMS will search the patron database of all 23 PALNI libraries. Uncheck this box to search only for patrons of our library.

You may also use the dropdown to search only by name or address, etc. Normally this is not necessary. Leave the dropdown set to "Everything" and enter your first and last name and click "Search."

Locating a Patron Record

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Search results will appear on the right. You should see that searching for yourself has return two results.

Sample Search Results

 Notice the differences between the two results:

  • One result lists your WMS username in the "Barcode" column, and the other lists a 14 digit patron barcode.
  • One result lists "Staff Login" in the "Street Address" column, and the other is blank.

The Staff Login patron record is the one used to access WMS. The other record is for checking out items and accessing materials. If you are assisting a patron who is a member of the staff (e.g. student worker), always be sure that you do not select the Staff Login when checking out materials.

Click your name in the search results (Not your Staff Login).

Checking Out Materials

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Whether you scanned a barcode or clicked a name in the search results, the patron record will open to the "Checkout" tab and the cursor will be active in the "Enter barcode" box.

Sample Patron Record

You are ready to begin checking out materials to the patron.

Scan the barcode from the library book into the "Enter barcode" box. For books, the barcode is always located inside the back cover at the top. For other materials, it may usually be found on the back, but you may need to do some searching.

Checking Out Materials

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Once you scan the item, ensure that it appears at the top of the list of checked-out materials below before moving on. It is possible to skip an item when checking out multiple items by scanning too fast.

Note the "Due Date" column. The date listed here should match the "Due Date" card which you will place in the back pocket of any items checked out.

Finally, desensitize the book by running it over the desensitize magnet. Remember: Only books are to be desensitized. Attempting to desensitize other materials may cause damage, especially VHS and Cassette tapes.

Renewing Items

If a patron wishes to renew an item, this may be done from the "Checkout" tab of the patron record.

Locate any items to be renewed under the list of items checked out to the patron, and check the box for each item for renewal. To renew these items, click the "Renew" button at the bottom of the page below the list.

Image demonstrating location of the renew button.

Make note of the new Due Date, and be sure to inform the patron.

If an item will not renew, it is likely that the patron has reached the allowed number of renewals. This can only be overridden by one of the librarians.

When you are finished, remember to close the patron record using the "x" by the patron name on the left.

Checking In Items

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To check in items, first click "Check In" below "Assist Patrons" in WMS.

 After you click "Check In" the cursor will be active in the "Item Barcode:" box, and the "Check In Mode:" will be set to "Auto."

Scan the barcode from the library book to check it in. Ensure that the book appears in the list below before you move on. When checking in multiple items, it is possible to skip an item by scanning too fast.

Review item in the "Action" column. It should say "Reshelve." If the Action column lists anything other than "Reshelve," give the item to a librarian.

Checking In Items

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You should also notice that when an item is checked in, the name of the patron who had the book out is listed under the "Patron Name" column.

If no patron name is listed when an item is scanned under Check In, then the item was not checked out and needs to be scanned for in-house use.

Set the "Check In Mode:" to "Non Loan Return" and scan the item again. This will count that the item has been used without being checked out.

After scanning any items for in-house use, reset the "Check In Mode:" to "Auto."

Finally, sensitize any books. Remember: Only books are to be sensitized. Attempting to sensitize other materials may cause damage, especially VHS and Cassette tapes.

Patron Right to Privacy

While assisting patrons it is import to keep in mind the patrons' right to privacy.

According to the American Library Association Code of Ethics, "We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted."

What does this mean? We should fear and love God so that we do not:

  • Leave patron information on the screen longer than necessary to conduct transactions.
  • Reveal the identity of one patron to another patron, particularly in regard to the books which are currently checked out
  • Access patron records for personal use
  • Reveal information regarding fines, billing, or holds to anyone except the patron to which the information applies
  • Bring up patron records without a library reason
  • Add notes to patron’s record without a library reason
  • Leave the computer screen turned toward the patron

Note: Any information contained in the Campus Directory is public knowledge and may be given out upon request.


Now that you have completed the tutorial on basic circ functions, please take a moment to complete the quiz below.

If a patron did not bring a CTSFW ID Card, we cannot check out any books until a card is produced.

Renewal limits require a librarian to override.

If a professor is looking for a certain book, it is OK to tell him which student has the book checked out.