This module will show you how to use Spartan Search, Funderburg's quick and easy discovery tool for finding print and electronic resources.

As you go through this tutorial, use the arrows below to navigate to the next section of the tutorial. Words in bold indicate actions you must complete on the various interactive library webpages seen to the right. 

Throughout the tutorial you will also see several embedded quizzes. Be sure to complete these to the best of your ability. A final grade will be sent upon tutorial completion.

So let's get started!

Spartan Search: Books & Media

1 of 5If you look to the right, you'll notice that the library's homepage has several Spartan Search tab options. We'll be going through each of these but will start with the first tab - Books & Media.

Books & Media

Spartan Search: Books & Media

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For example-sake, let's say you're an Education major doing a research project on academic success. Academic success alone is extremely broad, but you're not sure what aspect you want to write about yet. 

It's a good idea to find an overview of the topic first, and searching for books about academic success is a great place to start.

Using the Books & Media tab search box on the right, type academic success into the box and click Search. 

NOTE: Don't be alarmed if the search takes a second to load.

BEFORE CONTINUING: Look at the top left of the screen in the grey bar just below the page header About how many titles are displayed?

Spartan Search: Books & Media

3 of 5You now know that the results list includes a very large number of books. It's important to note that the system searches for the word academic and the word success anywhere in the records when choosing which items to display in the results list. 

You, on the other hand, are thinking of the two words as a single concept. You must tell the system to specifically search your terms as a phrase. You can do this by placing quotation marks around your keywords in the search box. 

Do this now - place quotation marks around your keywords (i.e. "academic success") and click the search icon to redo your search.

Phrase Searching

BEFORE CONTINUING: About how many items do you find now, if you search for books with the exact phrase, "academic success?"

Spartan Search: Books & Media

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There are a few more things to point out before moving on to another Spartan Search tab. 

1) On the left side of your results list, you'll see ways to limit your results with the first section being by Library.  Don't worry about placing checks next to Manchester University Library. The system will automatically list first the items that are most relevant to your search terms and that are owned by Manchester.  

2) You can certainly limit by Format if you need to (for instance, if you wanted to view ONLY e-books). 

3) Finally, Years might be important to you also if you need current information. Choose from a default option or input a custom range. 

Select the date option for Last 10 Years.

NOTE #1: Your results will automatically update when selecting the date option.   

NOTE #2: You only see Manchester University as the Held By option in one of your results. The remaining items are held by PALNI. It's not important that you know what PALNI is, but just know that you can request items that Manchester doesn't own via Interlibrary Loan.

BEFORE CONTINUING: Manchester University items will always appear at the top of your results list. 

Spartan Search: Books & Media

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Let's take a quick look at one of your results by going into the actual record for the item. 

Click the title Handbook of girls' and women's psychological health

You can see the availability of the item and where it would be located on one of our shelves (155.33 H191w). 

You might also be wondering what this book has to do with academic success. Make a note that when doing a keyword search, your terms may not appear in the title, but might be part of a chapter heading (which is exactly the case for this book). 

NOTE: We also have this available as an eBook. You can access the electronic version by clicking Access Online found just under the title section. 

Spartan Search: Articles

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We'll now move on to the next Spartan Search tab (Articles) on the library homepage.  

To go back to the library homepage, find the header (where the search box is at the top of your window) and click the words: Funderburg Library Spartan Search in the top left corner.

Spartan Search: Articles

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Once on the library homepage, click the Articles tab. 

Currently, articles are coming from our Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, and MasterFILE Premier databases. These are general databases that will cover a wide range of subject matter for many of our academic majors. 

You'll also see quick links to Google Scholar and our full A-Z listing of Databases.

Begin by searching using the same keyword phrase: "academic success."

Click Search. 

BEFORE CONTINUING: Look at the top left of the screen in the grey bar just below the page header About how many titles are displayed?

Spartan Search: Articles

3 of 4The look and feel of your results will be the same as it was with the Books & Media tab, but there are a few limiters that are different.

In the Content area of the limiters on the left, you now see a Full Text and Peer Reviewed option. Professors may want you to include Peer Reviewed articles into your research assignments, so it's good to know about this limiter.

Full Text will also provide you with items that Manchester has full access to, so choosing this option helps to limit your results quickly.  

Select Full Text, Peer Reviewed, and limit to The Last 5 Years.

BEFORE CONTINUING: After limiting to Full Text and Peer Reviewed, how many results are diplayed? 

Spartan Search: Articles

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Now let's take a look at one of the results in order to know how to access the article.

Click the title, Identity and Academic Success among Underrepresented Ethnic Minorites: An Interdisciplinary Review...

**NOTE: Currently this title is on pg. 3 of the results** 

Again, the availability options appear first (we have this item in print and electronically), but you can click Access Online (found next to the green circle) to read the article online. 

NOTE: Prior to clicking Access Online, All of your citation information can be found in this record.  

BEFORE CONTINUING: The article we clicked, Identity and Academic Success among Underrepresented Ethnic Minorites, is found in what Journal? **HINT: Look just above the Access Online section.

Spartan Search: A-Z List of Journals & Everything

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Let's return one last time to the library homepage by clicking the Funderburg Library Spartan Search wording in the header of the Spartan Search page.

The final two tabs are A-Z List of Journals and Everything. 

A-Z List of Journals Tab:
If a professor requires articles to come from a specific journal name, or if you start to see the same journal name pop up in your searches, the A-Z List of Journals tab is the place to be! 

Click the A-Z List of Journals Tab and type the journal name, Journal of Social Issues, into the search box and click Search. 

Spartan Search: A-Z List of Journals & Everything

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If Manchester has access to the journal name you typed, it will appear with options given for access.

To access the journal, you would click the title link with the arrow icon next to it.

(Feel free to try this, but note that a new window will appear and you'll need to click back into this tutorial to finish).

A-Z Journals

Spartan Search: A-Z List of Journals & Everything

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Everything Tab:
Finally, the Everything tab currently isn't functional, but is coming soon! It will eventually be your one-stop search for all of our physical and electronic resources from books and media to journal articles and more.

Everything Tab 

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